Happy gardening…

I am enjoying gardening. How about you?

I read an article that so many people are starting to pick up gardening as their hobby. This is due to Covid-19 and lock down in many countries. Generally, no travel, no entertainment, no gathering, no window shopping and people are spending more time at home.

Home grown organic banana

This is a good sign. People are back to connect with nature. They can understand better about the law of nature and sustainability. How important to do organic gardening which can provide food and shelter to animal friends like dragonfly, birds, worm, grasshopper, bees, butterfly, squirrels, pet friends like cats, dogs, rabbits and others. It’s good for environment, no pollution and the veggies that we plant are safe to eat without giving any burden to our body.

Organic morning glory..

Happy organic gardening!!!

6 responses to “Happy gardening…

  1. I can totally relate to this. Picked up gardening during the lockdown period and I’ve never looked back! Gardening has become a daily activity for me and it’s definitely something that I look forward to doing each day.

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