You are responsible…

Karma follow us like shadow… none of us can escape! Be mindful!

Have you ever abuse your “authority” in job?

Have you ever use your position to gain your personal interest?

I remembered one of my senior shared with me that “People respect or “Give face” to your “Chair” and not to you as a person.”Perhaps you might get a lot of “Friends” when you are sitting on that “chair”. Once your “Chair” is gone, your “friends” are disappearing. It’s actually happen for so called “friends” who only want to get benefit from your “chair”.

You are only representing the company to carry out your task. Be honest and treat everyone in fairness in carry out your task. Don’t abuse your authority.

No matter what we are doing whether office, home, relationships, we are unable to run away from karma- cause and effect.

Be mindful in your action.






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