Root cause…

We need to find the root cause to resolve any challenges we are facing.

We are unable to solve the challenge forever if we are only treat symptom or surface.

Be mindful to diagnose the root of challenges.

So many big ants nearby the border of our neighbor in garden.

My father was refused to listen to our advice for not using “Ridsect spray” as it was poisoning to all living beings. We are against “killing”. Moreover, 2 of our cats had liver problem due to poisoning. We need to eliminate all harmful substances in neighborhood as we can’t identify the source of poisoning.

We paid attention to details and diagnose the root of problem. It was due to the wilted plants and eroded bamboo structure being abandoned by neighbor. It’s the great place for ants to build their “home”.

How to resolve?

Cleared up the mess and ants family will definitely move to other’s places.

As such, please look in depth when we are facing challenges in life.

Diagnose the root cause, settle it and move on.

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