Are you keep your housing compound clean?

Are you love to keep all stuffs and thinking “One day I might need to use.”?

Are you keep all your unwanted and abandoned items at your backyard (common area in neighborhood)?

The truth is you totally forget the “existence” of all your “needed” items after years. All this items are going to be a good place for insects outbreak, you are actually inviting mosquitoes, snake, rat, termites, cockroaches and others. Your action also contributing to deadly disease like dengue fever, poisoning from rat’s urine and others.

Moreover, you are “destroying” the cleanliness and causing nuisance to others in your neighborhood. Your Stuffs (e.g. leftover tiles, galvanized iron, roof tiles, nails, glass and others from house renovation) might injured animal friends (cats, squirrels and others).

Be mindful and be kind in your action.

Think wisely for your action-

“Am I bringing happiness or suffering?”


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