Love heal…

We’ve rescued Meow Meow, the stray cat who came to our house for help.

We saved his life. However, we can’t allow him to stay indoor with our 4 cats as some of them don’t like him and yet to accept him as family member. He is staying at front yard with a DIY cat House. We can sense that he is happily to have a home, a place to stay, no worry about food & drink and spend time with his lovely brother and friend, our eldest cat- Hitam boy. Most important, We are sharing our unconditional love to him.

We can see a tremendous transformation from him, from not allowing us to walk closely and now, he comes to play with us. He allows us to touch and carry him. He is trusting us. From a very worry, tension, fearful cat (As always being chased away by people) to a happy and friendly cat.

This is a great example as love heal and there is no language needed.

Shine your unconditional love to all beings.

It works!



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