Best Nutrients…

I brought up from a poor family, lack of material stuffs but blessed that we had enough necessity.

My father loved gambling and he is not a “responsible” father. My mum was working really hard to support our family.  She mentioned that the only gift to us, “education”.  Through education, we can transform our life. Yes, she is so RIGHT and WISE. However, our family can only afford local study, never ever think about study abroad. In order to enroll in local university, we must excel in our result.

Some of our relatives and friends were “looked down” on us as we were poor.

I am grateful to all this people and “challenges”, it given the best “Nutrients” for transformation.

Sis & I studied hard and we graduated from local university with first class degree. Small gift to make our parent proud and worth their hard work to raise us.

Believe it, you can change your life destiny. šŸ™šŸ»

Never defeat or give up when we are facing challenges in life. Hard times is the best gift in life to make us a better person.

You are able to change your life destiny.

Believe it!!!






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