Be the voice to the voiceless…

” I don’t care WHAT you eat. But I do care WHO you eat.”

So inspired by this short and meaningful sentence.

My vow is be the voice to the voiceless, and keep sharing on how important to be a vegan, for our health, animals and planet. Most important, be a living example and walk the path. I believe, everyone can play an important role in sharing the right message to your family members, friends and others. Inspired and not forcing them. Show them all fact, evidence, video on animal farming (cruelty & suffering) , warm videos on animals (Love), yummy vegan recipes and food.

Use one to one sharing and the power of social media. Sow the good seeds and let them ripen when conditions are ready.

Let’s be the voice even to the tiniest beings…

Join us, be the voice to voiceless not limited to “farm animals”, but any animals being abused and tortured. Voice it out, if not we are agreed and approved on the abusive action.

Let’s bring happiness to our animal friends.

We are sharing this beautiful earth together.


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