Good example from nature- diversity!!!

What languages are you using when you are talking to your children?

Are you using your dialect?

Recently, I discovered that young generations are not teaching their kids in dialect. They are talking to them in “English” only even though the couples and their family are communicating in local dialect like, mandarin, Hakka, Cantonese, Hokkien, Teochew and etc. Some parents are facing challenges in communicating well in proper English, they are also trying their best to talk to their children in single language only. Perhaps, they make assumption that mastering in “English” language is more superior.

Some parents even share that their baby cried once they talk to him/her in dialects. Well! Don’t make excuses when you are refusing to accept your “root” and don’t blame your little baby.

I am not against on learning English. Yes, It’s important. However, Why not allow our kids to explore diversity of languages? Allow them to have a chance to understand the root of ancestors? The world is moving to diversity. Let them to learn acceptance and respect. Their little brain is like cotton, teach and share all languages. Let them have a chance to communicating with the world of diversity.

As a parent, YOU CAN.




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