The art of sharing….

Hitam boy

Hitam boy, our elder cat is very kind-hearted and he is willing to share food with stray or neighbor’s cats.

He even brought home, little Kitten (Miss Mimi) and recently he accepted Meow Meow, the sick stray cat in neighborhood to stay at our car porch. He doesn’t mind to share his day bed. What a good example of sharing!

Sharing is caring

One day, our neighbor was out of town, her cat was in hunger. We were feeding him, Hitam boy was there to observe and his kind act inspired our young ginger cat. Hitam boy is leading a good example of loving kindness.

When you want to teach your children about loving kindness and generosity, you need to show a good example before you requesting them to follow.

So much good lessons we can learn from our cat friends…. We are gratitude to all our little teachers.



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