helping hand…

Meow Meow-the stray cat, we rescued recently. He was discharged from Vet clinic after stayed for a week for castration and also to heal his severe flu. However, Vet was unable to get closer to him as he was in severe fear and reacted aggression. As such, he is still suffering from severe flu. We are lucky that we’ve got flu medicine in gel form from Vet, just in case we are able to feed him.

He was so smelly and dirty. His face was full of eyes, nose discharged and mucus. Flies are around him. We are trying our best to get close with him, shinning loving kindness to him. We gave assurance to him that we are going to help, not to harm or to abandon him.

Today, My sister was able to clean up his body and face. We believed this is the first time in his life to get clean up. He looked so different, like whitening or bleaching (as removal of dirt and dust on his body) and not smelly. This is the least we can do to help all living beings. See no difference in any form of life.

Our purpose of life is to help to relieve suffering from others.


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