Becoming a Bodhisattva…

Some people might think that Bodhisattvas are in temple. Well, they are so many Bodhisattvas around us.

You can see beautiful people who are offering their help, selflessly to you when you are facing challenges in life.

Yesterday, My old fridge was broke down after using for more than 18 years, the freezer was not cold and food spoiled. We are gratitude that it happen now and not during lockdown.

We need to buy a new fridge. I contacted my friend, she helped to check around. Apparently, the inventory of fridges are running low in market, perhaps people are buying 2nd fridge for storage and worry about 2nd or 3rd waves of Covid 19 lockdown. Moreover, Covid 19 pandemic also affected supply chain. She spent so much time to check around and finally, we gotten our new fridge in less than 3 hours.

We are grateful to her help, we see the spirit of Bodhisattva, to relieve suffering and offer helping hand selflessly.

Anyone of us, can be Bodhisattva to respond to cry for help, to relieve suffering and bring happiness to others.





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