Mother’s love…

Yesterday, Wang Wang boy-our young ginger cat was out from home since 2 pm and yet to return even up to late evening. This is abnormal. Usually, he’ll hang out around neighborhood for about 1-2 hours and he’ll be home. We started to concern about his safety as he has yet to complete his liver medication and heavy downpour since evening.

There are a few possibilities:

Someone kept him.

He met with an accident.

He was bitten by snake.

He was injured.

and etc…

My mum was so worry about him as she treated Wang Wang like her young boy. She waited until 10:30 pm, she saw our little ginger cat was at back door, usually he’ll shout in order for us to let him in. Well! He acted strangely and waited silently at door front.

In fear…

We are unsure what was happened to him but we are gratitude that he returned in safety without any injury. Obviously, he was in shock and fear.

This incident is a great reminder on “mother’s love”- unconditional love to her children. Let’s apply this unconditional love to all beings.






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