Tremendous fear…

We started to feed Meow Meow- the stray cat at our neighborhood since lockdown in March. His voice is so unique, a bit sad. He was sick, down with flu and cough, we are able to heal him through Vetri dmg and Flumax. He only drop by for food and drink.

After more than 3 months plus, he is more comfortable with us. Not no scare like in the past. He loves to chat with us, his nickname is “Chatty” but still no touching. We are asking our elder cat, Hitam to talk to him, not to “meow” aggressively as our neighbor is cat hater. Hitam is so kind to him, he allowed him to sleep at car porch in his favorite place.

Kindness count!!! Shine unconditional ❤️

Raining day lately, Meow Meow is down with flu and cough again. This morning, we had successfully trapped him and brought him to Vet. He was fine throughout the journey and waiting time at Vet clinic.

However, he turned out so aggressive when Vet was opening the carrier and allowed him to get out for examination. He tried his very best to run for life like MAD. He was in tremendous FEAR and he injured himself. He is warding for treatment and neuter.

I am associate this with animals are waiting their time to be killed, the tremendous fear in them.

Why are we causing suffering to them in order to satisfy our desire of eating meat?


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