Practicing loving-kindness…

What is the best way to practice loving-kindness?

To shine unconditional love to all living beings.

How to shine unconditional love to all beings?

Go Vegan


Peace begins on our plate. We are releasing life daily through eating, no demand, no supply. There are a total of 2,443 animals are slaughter in a second (exclude sea animals), in a year, we are killing 77 BILLION (77,000,000,000) animals (exclude sea animals) for food just to satisfy our craving.  A simple example, if we need to get ready 500 packets of lunch box with meat (Pork & Chicken), how many animals are we killing? According to calculation, 1 pig and 38 chicken. We can save life if we are preparing vegan/vegetarian lunch box. No contribution is too small. We can make a difference.

Simple organic vegan meal!!! Yummy 😋

Go Vegan , practicing non-duality, see no difference in any form of life.






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