Kind thoughts

Can you give an opportunity to people who committed in crime case?

Can you give an opportunity to drug addicts, alcohol addicts and others?

There are no forever bad people, only bad thoughts.

Good news!

Our mind can be transformed, it’s all depend on our willingness. Transform bad thoughts to kind thoughts, where are the bad “people”? It’s gone.

Be kind always!

In average, we’ve more than 17,000 thoughts arisen daily. Most important, practicing mindfulness, safeguard your mind for kind thoughts and eliminate bad thoughts.

Be the kind people.

You can!



4 responses to “Kind thoughts

  1. I actually did have an opportunity I will never forget. it was on a first date, where after a bit of small talk, he told me how he came to be where he now was in life. it was a tale of a life gone wrong, a crime that was his fault but he did not intend to happen. he spent time in prison, was a model inmate, and through circumstances was given the most amazing second chance. he takes full responsibility and I have never heard a first hand account of someone so turning their life around and true redemption. I never saw him again, but was his first date too, and felt like it was meant to be, to just have someone listen to his story without judgement. we were both crying. and I would love to write his story, it is unbelievable, but feel it was meant to be just between us for now.

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