Let’s give our support…

We are still facing Covid-19 threat, in general, economy slow down, business is bad, shops are closing down, a lot of people are pay cut and jobless. Situation is challenging, however never give up hope.

Always give support to local business so that they can survive theough this economy turmoil.

I went to pick up food from one of the local vegetarian food store. The owner shared with me that his business was dropped more than 50%, and less crowd. Perhaps, a lot people are #WFH, some are worry to dine out, some might want to save budget and etc. Lately, He always packed his balance leftover food home as dinner, this seldom happened in the past. To get breakeven in business also a big challenge.

What we can do? #supportlocalsmallbusiness

Please buy food from them, to help them to get through this challenging situation. If not, more small businesses will disappeared, more people will out of job, more family issues, more social problem and it’s a cycle.

Let’s give our support!!!


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