Think deeper…

Wang Wang boy, our lovely cat is sick. He has liver infection, high reading. According to Vet, there are so many possibilities, e.g. food poisoning, fleas, hunting for birds, rats and etc.

This is a good reminder, our unmindful action might cause suffering in other’s life. Imagine, if we are spraying pesticides in garden, we are going to cause death to insects, ants, butterfly, dragonfly birds and others, poisoning to cats, dogs and etc.

Another example, when we are eating meat, we need to have farm animals, where do they live?

Cut down forest.

What will happen if we cut down forest?

Extinction of wild animals, contributing to increase of temperature, increase of carbon dioxide and more impact just because we want to eat meat.

Look deeper in every situation.

Am I bringing happiness or suffering?

Always ask yourself, are you bringing harm or happiness to others?

Always think about “us” and not “I” only.


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