Our lovely cat, Wang Wang boy is so sick. He has gradually reduced his food and drink intake. We thought he had gingivitis issues, in the past, he can recover in less than a few days. This round, situation was getting worst, we brought him to pay a visit to Vet. He has been diagnosed with Liver infection; his liver reading is so high as compared to normal. There are so many reasons for causing this infection.

We need to force feed him to eat for him to survive. He cried loudly. We can imagine how much suffering he is going through. What we can give is unconditional loves.

A good learning for this incident, always give support to parents or fur-parents when their kids are sick. They need moral support, positive vibes to motivate them to walk the recovery path with their kids.

Shine your loving kindness!

We can!

9 responses to “sickness…

  1. Some people think that pets are just animals that live with you. But, they are so much more than that, they are like have a roommate. They have personality. And when you lose they it is like losing a Best fried or a family member

  2. It is not only pets getting sick during this time. Have you ever wondered” Will Suffering Ever End?”. This article answers that question.

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