“New Normal”

Social distancing

In view of Covid 19 pandemic, we need to adapt to New normal with open heart- Wear mask, wash hand, social distancing, sanitizing, e-meeting, more home cook, more delivery, more online purchase, less dine out , less face to face gathering, and others.

A lot of countries are gradually opening-up.

Places are opening because of economy and not because it is safe.

As such, we must be mindful on our action to avoid spread of Covid 19. Taking good care of ourselves and others.

People are hoping that we can live the same old way (before Covid 19 pandemic) after vaccines are available. Well! If we don’t change our way of living, continue our current eating habit- to consume animals’ product- 2,443 animals are killing in every second. (exclude seafood). According to Scientists, more powerful pandemics are waiting for us.

Do our part to save ourselves and every living beings.


We can!

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