Offer helping hand…

Are you willing to offer your helping hand to stray animals?

Are you blaming the community for not taking care of their pets?

Are you scolding to the community for feeding and helping stray animals?

It’s really easy to open our mouth to condemn others and be a keyboard warrior to criticize others. Think about it, is this action going to solve the hunger and thirsty of the stray animals? They need immediate help. By pushing the responsibility to others, as you can’t see, then you assume you are succeeding to resolve the issue. Well! This is a “selfish” thought which we are focusing on “Me”, “Mine, “I”. As long as, my problem solved, it’s done. Nothing to do with me.

During the Lock down period, countless animals shelter home are appealing for support as stray animals are lacking food and medical aids. Please don’t push all responsibilities to others.

Why not we change our thinking hat? What can we help? How can we help?

Little action from us can change his life destiny… always ready to help…We can!

During MCO period, he came to our house for help, mal-nutritious in hunger and thirsty. His voice is like “Ghost” crying, really sad voice. We knew the chances for him to be adopted is not so high. We are feeding him daily, at least his stomach is full. He’ll leave after eating. Recently, he was sick and we are feeding him with Vetri DMG and Flu max. Happy to see he is gradually recovering.

When he just came to seek help, he was so ” stressful”, always hiding and only eating after we left. Now, he is more confident, less worry and hopefully we can bring him to neuter soon.

Imagine, if everyone of us are willing to adopt stray animal, bring them to spay or neuter, we can achieve zero stray animals. Don’t push the responsibility to others. Don’t blame.

Start from ourselves. Let’s make transformation and be the change leader.

Be kind always!

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