How can I benefit others?

What is your first thought when you are meeting others?

Are you thinking what kind of benefits that I can get from others?

According to the teaching from Master Sheng Yen, “Wherever I go, Whoever I meet, I always ask myself what can I benefit others?” How profound!

How important to apply this teaching in our daily life!!! What I can do to benefit others? e.g For people who are low in morale, we can give kind words and motivation. For people who are doing kind deeds, we can share our gratitude and encourage them to continue. For people who need help, e.g. a ride, a meal, we can give them to relieve their suffering instantly. For people who need listeners, we can be their audience…..

May I bring happiness in other’s life. 😄

So much little things we can do to bring benefits in other’s life. Bring happiness and relieve their suffering.

We can.


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