Letting go…

Do you keep hand crafting at home? e.g. Wood drafting, ceramic crafting and etc.

Before we get ready for a perfect piece of wood crafting, we need to let go some wood.

What will happen if we insist to keep the original piece of wood without let go anything?

Simple, no beautiful wood craft.

Let’s apply this beautiful lesson in life, “letting go”.

There are so many things that we are not willing to letting go in life. We use to “own” and “Keep”more things. Chasing for more “power” and “fame”.

We are making ourselves so busy and tired, sometimes “Headless” in name of accumulation for more external wealth and power.

Let’s contemplate. Ask yourself what do you need in life?

What do you need in life?

The more we let go, the more lighter and freedom we enjoy in life.

Letting go the past and future, live at now.

The most precious moment!!!




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