Light a lamp…

We’ll light up our car porch light at night. It can brighten our house and whoever pass by our house.

Small and simple action can benefit to yourself and others.

If you are keep sharing loving kindness to others, who is getting the most benefit?

YOU! The more you share, the more you sow the same seeds to your mind and it’ll become your DNA.

If you are sharing with others on vegan cooking, who is learning the most?

YOU! The more you share, the more exploration and inspiration you are getting from your constant practice.

Organic gardening is providing healthy food for us and also we can benefit to others living beings like bees, butterflies, worm, microorganisms and others.

Keep doing and sharing the right things. You are not going to lost anything but to gain more happiness, peacefulness and freedom.

 “If you light a lamp for somebody, it’ll also brighten your path.” By Buddha




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