See no different in all living beings…

I love to spend my weekend and any off day to play with my cats in garden.

It’s a great start in the morning, full of laughter, positive vibes and happiness.

Recently, I noticed that Miss Sisi can understand whatever I talked to her. Showing a big improvement.

We love Miss Sisi… such a good girl!

For the past few days, I asked her to wait for me in the little organic garden. She waited for me patiently and we spend our happy time in garden. What a good girl!

Yesterday, she saw a small frog in garden, she ran over and wanted to catch it. I said No and she stopped.

This morning, she saw a group of birds were singing and dancing happily in neighbor’s garden. She was so mindful and alert. I reminded her, “No killing, cultivate compassion.” She walked back home.

Even though, we are using different language, most important, there is NO barrier about LOVE. We shared with her patiently about loving kindness and playing “Dharma songs” at home. We believed she can understand the kind vibes and we see her transformation. All beings have Buddha nature.

See no different in all living beings.






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