We are connected!

Are you go to market or shopping mall to buy your groceries, fruits and essential products during lock down?

How frequent do you go out?

I read and I heard people love to do offline shopping despite of numerous warning from government. Please stay at home to cut off the chain of infection. Some even go to wet market daily in order to buy fresh food and they forget about COVID 19.

Even though, new cases of COVID 19 is dropping but not meaning we are free from virus. Imagine 1 person can infect to 100 people. What is the consequence if we are not mindful? Remember that we are one and we are living in a community. Stay at home, save yourself and others and the best support to medical front liners and essential workers.

A heart filled with gratitude!!! Fully understand, we are connected!!!

To show my support, I ordered all my groceries and essential products online.  I am truly grateful when I am receiving organic fresh veggies and fruits. So many people are supporting our life, I see sun, moon, rain, air, soil, bees, soil worm, farmers, transporters, essential workers, packaging and others. So much loves in the veggies and fruits.

Be gratitude!!! Please support each others, think about us and not “Me”, “I”. We are connected.


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