Stay safe, everyone.

Recently, So many people are #stayathome due the Covid19 pandemic.

How are you, my dear friends?

Are you well? Are you happy? Are you live healthy? Are you use to live simple life? Are you enjoying more peace?

“The most simple and ordinary life brings the most inner peace.” Dharma Master Cheng Yen

Stop your complain that you can’t go out for leisure, shopping, entertainment, socializing, exercise and others. Accept this as a fact, let it go and moving forward. Remember that, your mind is free even though you need to stay at home.

Let’s see what is the best things we can do at home. Look at the bright angle, foster close relationship with family members, learning new skills, back to basic, back to spiritual practice, look inward, trying new things (cooking, baking, gardening, writing, photo taking and others), reading good books (perhaps you can finish some of your book collection),  exercise at home (cleaning your house instead of getting maid to help, yoga, ta chi, walking… I am learning walking backward, so fun!), meditation, quiet time for yourself, drawing, go slow, chew well, counting your blessings, be gratitude and others.

Look inward!!! No one can confine you except you!!! The mind is everything!

Take this opportunity for no gossiping, no spreading fake news, give your positive vibes, transfer good merit and offer help to needy. Most important, Think positive, shine positivity and loving kindness.

Stay safe, everyone. Stay healthy for body and mind!



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