I love you…

Shine unconditional ❤️ to all living beings and mother of earth. Let’s make a big difference. We can!!!

What is the difference between “I like you” and “I love you”.

Beautifully answered by Buddha:

When you like a flower you just luck it;

When you love a flower you water it daily.”

The one who understand this understand life.

How profound!

Please shine your unconditional love to all living beings and mother of earth.

Please don’t bring harm to damage nature when we are taking our necessities from mother of earth.

We need mother of earth to support our survival but what’ve we done to our lovely earth?

We are facing Covid 19 Pandemic and most of countries are implement restricted movement.

Even in a short period of time, we can see BIG improvement in our environment- blue sky, clearer river, good air quality, wild animals are roaming freely and happily, In India, people can see Mount Himalaya after 30 years….

It’s a great time for us to reflect our life. How should we live our life after Covid 19? Should we go back to our “old” lifestyle?

Why not moving to new “normal”?

Do our best to reduce impact to mother of earth and all living beings. Think before you take action.

“The Mind is everything.”

Together, we can make a difference.

Dare to make a CHANGE!



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