Stay healthy….

There is no vaccine for COVID 19 now.

What you need to do is to boost up your immune system.

A few simple tips…

Laugh more

How many times do you smiles or laugh per day?

Laughter is the best medicine.

Laugh more and it’s absolutely free.

Moreover, laughter is contagious. Yeah!

Think positive

Whatever beyond your control, you can’t change it? Why should you be worry?

Think about it, whatever you worry might not be happened. However, worry will definitely weaken your immunity as you are causing your stress, tension, fear and etc negative emotions.

By just transform our mind, think positive, everything is possible.

You are shining positivity to others. How wonderful!

Sleep well

A good sleep is important to give the best rest to our mind and body.

How do you feel if you can’t sleep well?

Tired, bad tempered, anger, stress, no appetite, tired and etc.

All this are not a good sign for our body and mind.

Meditation/ sit quietly

Always allocate time for yourself, to meditate or to sit quietly.

Remain peace and calm.

Look inward and not being affected by external environment.


Simple exercises

-Close your fist and gradually open it.

-Tighten your body and gradually release it.

-Sleep at floor and relax every part of your body, from your toe until your head, front and back of your body….

Simple organic vegan meal

Eat healthy

Try to Go vegan, the best way to safeguard your health.

Take a try!

Stay healthy, my dear friends!










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