To see GOOD in every situation…

How do you feel when you start reading Covid-19 news?

Are you bringing more negative emotions like stress, tension, fear, restless and etc  in your life?

Are you able to sleep well after reading the new?

If you are experiencing so much negative emotions, please stop reading and calm yourself.

One of the best remedy:

“Train your mind to see the good in every situation.”

See things in positive angles…

So much touching stories- The sacrifice and dedication of front liners, volunteers who served unconditionally to offer help, volunteers who feed stray animals, farmers who donated veggies to poor family, public who worked hard to sew face masks & face shield to front liners, public who cooked for elderly people… The shining of humanity.

Besides, we can see world pollution is reducing- we can see blue sky, mountain, clean water,  wild animals are enjoying nature (We are sharing this beautiful planet, some of us might forget before Covid-19 pandemic)….. Nature is going through “purification”.

Let’s start to do “purification” and “reflection”, to slow down and understand the connection between mother of earth and us, What do we need to live? Why are we rushing in life? Where is the balance of life? What is the purpose of life? What can I help to reduce pollution? What can I do to reduce animals suffering? What can I offer help?

Let our speech and action bring happiness to all living beings and help to preserve mother of earth.

Most important, to fully understand impermanence of life. Thank you to impermanence and make everything is “Possible”.

Stay Positive!!!





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