Be gratitude…

We choose to go online shopping for grocery or any essential products during MCO. This is the best way to protect everyone. We are grateful to all delivery personnel, online shop workers, online platform and so many people who are supporting our daily life. Without them, we can’t even get our daily necessities to live.

Recently, I ordered fresh bananas online directly from farm. I am gratitude and respect for the good customer service and follow-up from the farmer. During MCO, delivery will take slight longer than usual. He kept followed up for the status whether we’ve received the banana. He was so worried that the banana over ripen and we can’t eat. He even promised to compensate in our next purchase. We are so touched with his passion.

It’s time to reflect, how mant people are offering their help and support to us in our life. Be gratitude 🙏🏻

Today, we received the banana in good conditions and yet to ripe. We are truly happy and express our sincere gratitude to the farmer. He touched our heart with his passion.

A great lesson that no matter what we are doing, kindly put others as priority. Give our best service!!!

Let go all our “Self interest” & “ego”




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