be diligent in your practice…

How are you?

Are you sleep well?

How many times are you smiles daily?

Are you happy? Are you worry? Are you restless? Are you at calm and peace?

Are you stay positive or negative?

“You don’t have to control your thoughts.

You just have to stop letting them control you.”

By Dan Millman

No matter how worry and stress you are about the Covid-19 Pandemic, it’s not going to help you and others. Moreover, You are weakening your immune system by having all this negative emotional. We just followed the best advices from medical forces and expert, wash our hand frequently, stay at home, wear mask when we are going out, social distancing and etc. This is the best preventive action we can take to reduce risk.

How to safeguard our mind? Why not go back to your spiritual practice?

Be diligent in your practice no matter what religion you are.

Shine positivity!!! Together, we can make a difference! Yes!

Together, let’s shine loving kindness, good thoughts, good merits to all living beings.

May Covid-19 Pandemic end soon.






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