Cherish lives…

Precious freedom…

How do you feel when you are restricted movement and stay at home for full day? for more than few weeks?

Some of us are facing big challenge to just sit at home, to them, it’s like living in jail and losing freedom.

Well! Think about our animal friends. Since born, they are living in “jail” except for the day, they are heading to slaughterhouse.

Let’s contemplate. Why not we transform our mind and change our diet to plant-based?

It’s benefit to our health, saving life of animals and save our planet.

A very profound sharing from Master Cheng

“It’s is only when we imbibe Dharma-teachings that we can mobilise our loving kindness to show gratitude in all things, respect and cherish all life forms,

and the emphasis is on “all life forms”.

We ought to cherish the lives of all sentient beings, including the lives of all humans, animals, as well as all life forms on earth.

In view of the descent of the viral epidemic, do we still refuse to repent and beg for forgiveness?

It is only when we show gratitude in everything that we can free ourselves of conflicts and attain mutual respect and love.

We can only create a blessed community full of good affinities if we can resist our craving desires to blindly take away animal lives.”










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