What can we do?

How are you, my dear friends?

May you be well and happy!

Our country has extended the MCO (Movement Control order) to 14 Apr 2020. This is the best countermeasure to reduce infection of COVID 19 Pandemic.

What can we do in order to support?

  1. Stay at home. Go out when necessary. Buy groceries and necessity which can last for a week or even more.
  2. List down all the people that you have been in contact with from today. Write down their names (if possible), date, time and venue. e.g. If you are going to do grocery shopping, please record date, time and name of shop. Please keep the record well and bring it to see Doctor if you are fall ill. Simple act can save life.
  3. Don’t share fake news which causing panic and stress to others. Verify information before you press the send button.
  4. Give moral support and motivation to everyone.
  5. Give donation or food to needy, not forgetting our animal friends (stray or shelter home)
  6. Sharing loving kindness and positivity via social media. Give hope, prohibited for all negativity elements. Do not harm others as keyboard warrior.
  7. Sharing best blessings to all living beings.
  8. Taking good care of your health, reduce burden to medical front liners. Why not start to eat plant-based food?
  9. Be mentally strong. Keep up your spiritual practice.

This too shall pass. Stay 💪🏻.

Stay Strong and stay healthy!




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