Start a new day…

Start anew!!! Embrace change!

Have you ever spend time to enjoy happy tune from birds in morning?

The best orchestra from nature.

“No matter what yesterday was like, birds always start the new day with a song.”

Even though, some of us, we are stay at home, restricted movement to reduce the impact from COVID 19 Outbreak pandemic. Some might started to complain, so bored ( no social activities), restless, tension (Too much “Me” time), stress & Worry (Uncertainty about future), too free (Not sure how to spend time) and etc.

Why not we transform our mind?

Why not we take this Movement Order Control period

-To learn something new, to enhance ourselves.

-Spend precious time with family, foster a closer bonding.

-To continue our spiritual practice (treat as 14 days meditation)

-To read good book which you don’t time in usual daily life

-To spring cleaning your house. (To clear out all unnecessary items)

-To do something new (Start posting positive quotes to give encouragement instead of spreading untrue to create more stress and tension to others)

-Sharing loving kindness (Share and give compliments through social media for god deeds, give motivation and encouragement words)

-To listen to spiritual discourse (Stay calm & peace. Radiate it to others.)

-Eat less, eat healthy. Go vegan. (Give a break to our body for detox and shine loving kindness to all living beings)

and so many positive things we can do while stay at home.

Remember to do things that bring more peace and calm in your life.

Don’t make complain, don’t panic & be gratitude.

Give our best blessings to unsung front lines heroes. They are taking huge risk to save life.




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