Stay at home…

Most of us are stay at home and work from home to amid COVID 19 outbreak. This is the best way to save our life and others. Some of us, we are not use to stay at home. We use to live our busy life, hardly to get enough rest, “Me” time and also spend so less time at home. A sudden transformation in life will make people panic, out of comfort zone and resistance to change. As such, some of us are so restless and stressful to stay at home, trying their best to sneak out for whatever reasons, “for a break”, “a walk”, “chatting with friends”, “Socializing” and etc.

Before we take action to sneak out from home, please think about “Unsung heroes” like medical team-doctors, nurse, lab profession, police arm forces, fire fighter, postman, cleaners, food delivery team, transporters, essential product manufacturer team, petrol kiosk workers, groceries workers, hawkers, restaurant for take away food and so many people who are supporting our daily life with the greater risk for infection.

Their family members, loved one are waiting for them at home. Love ourselves and love them too.

Stay calm and shine our loving kindness!!!

Please stay at home, the best solution to amid the outbreak and reducing risk to everyone.

Yes, we can! Let’s do it!






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