good wishes…

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus, most of us are living in tension, fear, panic and worry.

Life is full of uncertainty, totally insecure and we can’t live in comfort zone. We are experiencing “Impermanence of life”. Instead of living in negative emotion which bring harm to ourselves and others, Why not we transform our mind?

The mind is EVERYTHING.

Most important, we need to practice “how to remain calm and unaffected in adversities.”

Why not start to make good wishes daily?

“May I be well, May I be happy, May I be healthy, May I be filled with loving kindness.”

“May all beings be well and happy.”

Let’s us look inward, be diligent in our practice and transfer merits to all living beings.

Let’s shine our positive energy like ghe fragrance of flowers.

We are One and good energy are contagious. Shine our unconditional loving kindness! We can!

Let’s do it, lovely friends!


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