We love saying “Impermanence of life”. However, how do we react when we are facing it?

As usual, I drove to work this morning. It was jam. I stopped my car as traffic standstill.

Suddenly, a big “Bang” at the back of my car. I got a shock, I felt a strong vibration as my heart and body like “detached”. Yes, car accident, it involved a total of 3 cars. I am the 1st car and being hit by 2nd car. The reason was, 3rd car driver was driving too fast and not breaking. I am gratitude that everyone of us were fine, no injury even though our cars were badly damaged.

Gratitude that everyone is safe!

Thank you to my spiritual practice, I maintained my calmness and peacefulness even though I am the victim in the accident. I accepted the situation without any blaming. I comforted and spoke softly to the lady who hit my car as she was so panic and her eyes all red. She just can’t accept what was happened. We settled this case with making police report and claim insurance to fix our cars.

I discovered so many good people around us, like bodhisattva. A man came down from his car to check whether are we fine and need any help. I can’t close car boot and along the journey to police station and workshop, so many kind hearted motorist shown me the sign that my car boot was open. I see beautiful and kind people who warm my heart and big thank you to everyone.

Let’s us make a vow to be a good people who are willing to offer help whenever needed.

Be diligent in your spiritual practice. You’ll only know how is your progress when you are facing life challenges.





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