Secret of building close relationship…

Recently, I had a chat with my friend, she just retired from the company. She shared with me, she had a very close relationship with her customers. What is her secret in building strong bond? She mentioned, ” Responsibility, Deliver promises and never give empty promises, always think from others perspective, be honest.”

All this good values are so important in our career and also as a person.

Be genuine!!!

Our trustworthy are built based on how we walk our talk. Saying is so easy but to deliver and keep our promises is most important.

Besides, we must be honest and not taking advantage from others. We shouldn’t take whatever not belong to us. We need to pay back for all “Dishonest” wealth. Always remember on Cause and effect. By practicing be honest, can help us to gradually let go “greed”

When we make any decisions, please think from other’s angles or perspectives. Always be kind. This can help us to gradually let go “I”, “Me”, “Mine” ,self interest & ego.

Simple but most important to put into practice.






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