Kindness count…

We can share our kindness anytime, anywhere and to anyone.

How to say no for helping? Can you?

Yesterday evening, I heard cat’s crying and I thought our lovely fat cat, An An boy was fighting with others. I went out and checked. A little ginger kitten came out underneath a car and follow me home. He was so tiny and I believed he was hungry. I fed him and let him settle down. However, I can’t keep this little kitten at my house as my neighbor hated cat so much. He’ll definitely take opportunity to make “crisis” to neighborhood on stray cats issue again and this action will harm their life. In the past, He threaten us for rescued black kitten and mentioned will settle it if we are not sending the kitten away.

I can’t let this little ginger baby to roam in neighborhood. He’ll sure “die”. I brought the little kitten and seek help from my Malay neighbor to foster and take care of him. The auntie was super nice and she fully understood about our situation. She agreed to foster the kitten without second thought. Her son is marvelous, he take care and played with the kitten. She mentioned to us, why can’t we tolerate and help the “Voiceless” cats? Why are we making so much excuses to get rid of them?

I am grateful to my Malay neighbor for their help to rescue and foster the little ginger kitten. I do hope that one day, my “Cat and animals hated” neighbors will awakening and understand, ” We are One.”




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