Kindness and wisdom!

Sometimes, people might assume and think that they are actually “rescue” life of stray animals when they send and leave behind them at animal shelter home. They are thinking that “Someone” will definitely help and all their “rescued” stray animals will enjoy a good life. Perhaps they might being “Adopted”. Everything seems so perfect like fairytale. Well! It happened occasionally if the shelter home is not full.

Imagine if everyone is pushing their responsibility to shelter home? What’ll happen?

Definitely, the shelter home can’t accept any animal if it full. So, how to settle those stray animals?

Put to sleep (pts).

Be kind to all living beings and understand about the consequences of action. Are we bringing happiness or causing suffering?

As such, before we take any action, please study and understand. Not pushing our responsibility as if we don’t see, not our problem.

I read another sad story that someone left behind a cage of kittens at the back of a shelter home with a card written kitten’s name together with vaccination card. Unfortunately, kittens being killed by stray dogs as there was their territory.

Let’s do our best to help stray animals, go for Trap, Neuter, Release and Manage (TNRM). Accept them as part of community issues and support for space sharing. Remember, we are sharing this beautiful earth together. If there is any animal’s poo or urine, just cleaned instead of keep complaining to threaten by calling authority. This act might cause death to stray animals. Besides, there are so many animal’s repellent products are available. Buy, use it to deter stray animals to enter your house compound.

Shine our kindness with our wisdom!


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