Seeing no difference in all living beings …

Are you selective when you are giving donation?

Are you only offer help to selected group of people?

Are you prioritize in offering help?

Some of my friends shared with me that

“They are more willing to help orphanage home as compared to the rest (Handicapped home & Old folk home). They see future in children.”

“Some make assumption that “Why elderly people not working hard during their young time?”

Of course, the least donation given is animal shelter home. In general, people will give priority to human beings.

I see equality in all living beings. All life are important and treasure. However, my priority is given to those home with less fund, support and urgency.

See no different in all form of life!!! It’s so blessed to give instead of to receive.

Don’t make comparison in giving. See no difference in all life. Give with a generous heart without expectation.

You are the one who gain the most in helping others as you are letting go “I”, “Me”, “Mine” and start seeing “us”.







2 responses to “Seeing no difference in all living beings …

  1. I will admit that I favor certain groups over others. I tend to help animal charities first, probably because they are least able to help themselves and are least likely to get help from the government.

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