A few of my neighbors are making big fuss again about stray cats in our neighborhood. Again, they mentioned they are going to ask local council or animal shelter home to trap all stray cats. To them, this is the ultimate way to solve community problem. They are trying to push the responsibility to others. Most important, they don’t see any stray cats.  You don’t see, you assume the problem solved, however, the problem persist. And transfer to be other’s responsibility.

We need to look deeply for the root of problem. How should we reduce stray cats population? This is our responsibility as a resident in neighborhood. Take action to trap, neuter, Release and Monitor (TNRM), the best method to help our community. Imagine, if all stray cats being sent to shelter home and no one adopt for a period of time. What will happen? They are going to put to sleep.  Is this consider as problem solving or pushing responsibility? We are indirectly killing all stray animals by using other’s hand.

Why not shining loving kindness with animal friends? Why not sharing space with them? We are not the only species living in this planet of earth. We are sharing everything. If you are unable to help, at least you can Not TO HARM. Don’t use your superiority to threaten, inflicting fear, tension and worry to people who are helping animal friends.

Space sharing with them!!! We are One!

“The greatest of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

Mahatma Ghandi




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