Be humble…

When People are getting rich, they forget to practice “be humble”, they are thinking they can use money to buy and own anything. It’s possible to own material wealth but losing humanity, kind virtue and good values. How sad!!!

I am impressed with people who are rich and humble. They are respecting people and all living beings, they are using their wealth to offer help and not further exploit others.

It’s touched my heart that my friend’s husband, during our first gathering at his house, he served tea to us even though he is so rich but very humble. We noticed that the family members are well manner and humble too. How important to set a great example. Rich but not arrogant, Rich but not disrespect…. Bravo to this lovely family!

See no different in all living beings no matter how wealthy you are. Use your wealth to help, relieve suffering and bring happiness! 🙏🏻

Be humble, my lovely friends!



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