Take advantage…

Have you ever encountered any of your friends love to take advantage from you?


You pay for the bill of lunch or dinner and they are not going to return money to you.

They are borrowing money from you and not returning.

They are asking you to buy something and no plan to pay you.

They are not ready to take out cash even to pay for parking fees.

They never offer to drive, to help, to share…

They are so calculative and only take are of their self interest.

Of course, they are not poor but love to take advantage.

Yes, we are shining loving kindness to all beings but we can’t be helping people to grow their “Greed” and continue their “Selfish” action.

Whenever, I notice people are taking advantage, I’ll stop feeding their “Greed”. It’s much better that I use my hard earn money to help more needy people, to bring happiness and relieve their suffering.

Don’t be shy to say “NO” to free riders. Your action is helping them to let go “Greed”.

Use our Wisdom and compassion together…

Be compassion with wisdom!








4 responses to “Take advantage…

  1. I had a terrible experience recently. I had a friend steal £120 from my wallet. Of course I have called police and insurance company so I hope I can sort it out

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