Think twice…

How’s your shopping pattern?

Do you plan your shopping?

Do you bring a list to shop?

Do you buy emotionally even you don’t need?

Can you resist on promotional, sales & offer?

Think about it, we tend to buy more if there is any sales or promo. We might think we are gaining advantage (More discount, gifts and saving) as we buy more. In reality, do you need that item?

You’ll know the answers when you start yearly spring cleaning. Some of us, we might not even “remember” when we bought that items. Obviously, you don’t need it.

Buy whatever you need and not your want. It’s not only about spending money, we are using world resources and there is no Planet B. Think twice before making any purchase.

May your kindness shine be like the blossom of flowers.

Whatever extra money you are not using to buy your “want”, please use it wisely to help those needy people.

Shine happiness!




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