Hello 2020!

Happy 2020!

Today is the first day of Veganuary. I read from an article that a Massive of 300,000 people signed up to give Vegan a try in January. It’s a great start to welcome 2020.

Why not take a try on vegan diet, my dear friends?

It can help you to sustain good health, save planet of earth and animal friends.

How wonderful!!!

Never assume that as a vegan, we only eat “greens”. During my China Trip last year, I did experienced that in one meal, they served us 3 different types of veggies. What a wrong understanding about vegan diet?

Vegan food is full of aroma, flavor, color, tasty and cruelty free. No worries, there are so many varieties and not lacking of any nutrients to our body and mind. You can easily access to any sites to verify.

It’s all depend whether are you willing to make a change in your life?

The mind is everything.

Start Anew!

Give the best New Year gift to yourself.

Health is wealth!!!

Stay Healthy, my dear friends.




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