Living in future…

Are you spend a lot of times

worrying about future?

to predict future?

to live your life in future?

Fear and stress about future?

plan for future?

If you are only focusing in future, are you living now, be here?

Think about it, whatever you are planning, thinking, make assumption, it might not happen.

Life is impermanent. Things happen beyond our planning.

Are you able to take it positively? Can you accept it instantly? Can you immediately think of solutions instead of blaming?

My sister needs to attend conference in US by next week. She needs visa for US travelling. Her interview was this Wednesday and she might not able to get the visa on time. She is in peace whether can get visa on time and not worrying about future.

She got visa ready on Friday evening and she is packing her luggage to travel.

Be here and now!!! The most precious moment!

This is how we should handle things in life. Not to worry for things beyond our control. Always get ready to face impermanence in life.




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