Be responsible of Your life…

One of my friend is planning to start her volunteer work and spend more time in spiritual practice after her retirement. However, her dream can’t come true. She need too take care of her brother who has pre kidney disease and she is cooking 3 meals per day as her brother can’t take outside food.

She is occupied herself in kitchen for constantly prepare and cooking meal. She is more busy than her working life. She can’t leave her house for long and of course, no vacation. As her brother resigned from work and rest at home, we advised her please teach and share with her brother on how to handle his daily meal. It’s time for him to learn to take care of his life.

My friend is over protective and not willing to let go her brother.

Our question is simple, what if you are not around… Who is going to take care of him?

It’s great that we can offer our loving kindness and help to others. However, It’s really important to teach and guide others to live an independent life. Your life is your responsibility. Never push that responsibility to others when you are still able to walk, to talk, to think, to eat, to run……

Be independent and learn how to take care of yourself…

Learn to let go, allow others learn to live their life and also your life.








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