Small acts…

“Small acts, when multiplied by million people, can transform the world.”

Never underestimate on your power to change the world. Perhaps you alone, it might help a bit, imagine if everyone is doing the same. What is the impact?

I learned when I carried out charity fund drive, everyone is contributing a bit and at the end of campaign we can collect substantial amount to charity home. Every cents count and all effort is needed.

A small act like eating a plant based meal a day, it make a big different to end suffering of animal friends, mother of earth, your health and others. Imagine, if everyone is taking the same effort, what’ll happen? Yeah! Big impact.

Join us, go vegan!!!

I am inviting you to try to take a plant-based meal per day. Look at your health impact.

Are you feeling better?

Let’s do it together to make a big wave for Changes!




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