Keep learning…

Do you realize that whatever you learn in life is meant to serve others?

e.g. Writing, cooking, singing, dancing, baking, sewing, farming, reading and others……

Keep exploring your interest and passion in life. Don’t limit yourself to only one.

Learn something different besides your skill to earn a living, and you are not sure when do you need it.

Always look for opportunity to enhance your skill, you are going to bring benefits and happiness to others.

Keep exploring, keep learning!!!

I am truly blessed that I am using my vegan cooking skill to cook an organic vegan fusion spaghetti to offer lunch dana to Sangha. I am gratitude for an opportunity given.

Imagine, if I never explore to the world of vegan cooking, I’ll never get the chance to cook and serve others.

Keep learning, my dear friends. Get out from your comfort zone.







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